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Choosing An Online Poker Room Bonus

Online poker rooms compete for poker players, and resources are many for choosing where to play online poker. You may have heard of the most popular poker rooms from friends. Another way to find a good match in the form of a quality poker room is this very page your poker page.

Online poker rooms, much like online casinos, is first and foremost the game of poker, or rather the different poker games, for they count several: Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/lo, Seven Card Stud, Let it Ride, Three Card, and Caribbean Stud Poker are the main versions of poker and can be found at poker rooms (Texas Hold’em mainly) and online casinos too (Caribbean Stud Poker). The difference between poker games found at poker rooms, and those playing at online casinos, is that in the former players play against each other whereas at the online casino players take on the casino.

Either way, poker is a game of skill, arguably more popular than any casino game and played by millions around the world.

Online poker rooms also offer a way for poker players to qualify for tournaments. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) perhaps the most famous of all, but poker rooms offer satellites for some of the largest tournaments on the professional poker circuit, the World Championship of Online Poker included.

The internet offers more than any single game of poker could ever offer. Unlike online casino gambling, online poker does not have a House Edge. Instead, poker rooms rake a small sum of each hand but often rake back that sum and more in the form of the Rakeback.

The Poker Fever service helps the players find where to play poker. A player may look for specific games, tournaments, or promotions, and these we answer on this page.

Top poker rooms featured on this page include licensed and regulated software and dealers, large traffic at peak times, excellent retention rates, guaranteed payouts, and diverse financial transactions.

The full host of Online Casino Reports resources complete this page with poker room reviews, best poker freerolls, online poker tips, rules and poker strategy guides, basic lessons with qualifying poker hands, and the latest online poker news.

Casinos Partner With HBO To Make Sex And The City Slot Machines

Fans of the hit HBO TV show, Sex, and the City, got a surprise recently when the show made its way onto the casino floor in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. International Game Technology, a company that makes casino equipment like slot machines, created the Sex and the City game with permission from HBO, and several casinos across Nevada recently unveiled the new game on the floor.

Sex And The City – The Slot Machine

The Sex and the City game is one of many slot machines based on popular movies and TV shows. The trend is not a new one, and most casinos offer several games based on characters from hit shows. Sex and the City’s predecessor include Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Green Acres, and the Wizard of Oz to name a few. These games are extremely popular for recognizable themes and fun-play.

The Sex and the City game feature all the main characters of the show; Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie, and Mr. Big. It is a modern-style slot machine with several betting lines and an interactive bonus. The slot machine also has video clips from the show, voice-overs, and a soundtrack.

International Game Technology’s Multi-play

One of the most drawing features of the multi-progressive slot machine is the incorporation of International Game Technology’s Multiplay feature.

Multiplay is a technology offered exclusively by the slot machine maker. In Multiplay, the player can play up to four games at once on the same screen. This means the player is betting more than usual, but there are also more chances to win. With four games running 30 pay lines apiece, it’s a hard thing to pass up.

Sex And The City Bonuses

On top of the Multiplay, the Sex and the City slot machine has attractive bonuses.

There are a total of five bonus rounds in the game that offer nine unique patterns. This is a far cry from the standard singular bonus round featured on most slot machines, and it is paying off. Most players are playing all four Multiplay games on every round in hopes of hitting one of the many bonuses.

The bonus games consist of Simply Fabulous, Hello Lover!, Change of Dress, and Perfect Present. While the games vary, they are all interactive. The bonuses either offer free spins or give the player a chance to pick prizes on the screen.

Overall, the Sex and the City slot machine is such a big hit for the casinos that one has to wonder if more HBO-style games are in the works.

The History Of Craps

The popular casino dice game craps have a long and varied history. Modern craps have evolved from a game that was played many centuries before.

Craps Derived From The English Game

In the 12th century, Sir William of Tyre led a group of crusaders on a castle by the name of Hazarth. Tyre’s group seized Hazarth and named their favorite pastime game after the castle. The Hazard game was derived from Arabic dice games that were eventually brought to Europe.

By the 17th century, Hazard was a vastly popular game in England. The game was a staple in taverns throughout the country. Hazard was also a popular casino game among noblemen.

In the game, the player with the dice is known as the caster. In each round of the game, the player will specify a number between five and nine. The specific number between five and nine is known as the main. A roll of the main number results in a win. If the player rolls a two or three, he loses. A roll of 11 or 12 will result in a variety of outcomes depending on the main number that was designated. A main of 5 or 9 will lose on a roll of 11 or 12. On a main of 6 or 8, the player will lose on a roll of 11 but win on 12. With the main number of 7, the player wins on 11 but loses on 12.

It didn’t take long for neighboring countries to take notice of the game. The game became popular in France. The French called their version of the dice game “Craps.”

The Game Evolves In The 19th Century

In the early 19th century, Bernard de Mandeville made an important adjustment to the game. The New Orleans resident simplified craps. His version of the game was soon being played on steamboats traveling the Mississippi River. Mandeville’s game had a flaw due to the ability to use crooked dice tied to the betting rules of the game. John H. Winn was able to build on Mandeville’s initial adjustment to the game. Winn brought the modern layout to the game of craps. His adjustments allowed players to bet on the shooter or against him. This greatly eliminated any impact that could result from any fixed dice being used in craps games. Winn’s adjustments to the game enabled craps to become widely popular.

Highest Wagered On The Game

Over the last century, the game has continued to grow in society and culture. Craps was a popular game among soldiers in World War II to break the monotony of war. The game was occasionally featured in some popular movies over the years to elevate the status of craps in popular culture. In the 1990s, the game suffered a downturn due to the surge of slots and other casino games. However, craps have rebounded, due in part to the growth of online casinos. Today, the game is the biggest in the history of the world in terms of money wagered.